LED Sign Boards

Best in designing on LED Signs and LED Boards by SSESigns in Chennai

LED Sign Boards lighting is widely known for brightness and clarity, making it easy to read at greater distance or even in direct sunlight. Customization is also easy – LEDs are dimmable, and can easily be programmed or controlled via remote. RGB/multicolor LEDs are now widely available as well, adding dramatic emphasis to your brand image.


We are well known for indoor and outdoor LED sign designs. 

High quality LED and fluorescent signage products are both capable of producing in excess of 100 lumens per watt, meaning they will produce a great deal of light while using very little power. This translates to much lower monthly energy bills, even if your sign is on for 18 hours a day (LEDs can really cut costs when we consider durability and replacement costs, but more on that in a minute.) Neon lights, in comparison, typically produce between 10 and 60 lumens per watt, meaning they require much more power to generate the same amount of light. In our Sign shop we do deliver best in LED's Sign